Guided Light Healing's

2021 Chaos Immunity Healing Event


From Friday, December 4th starting at 7:00pm PST.

Receive the healing that will release you from the personal and worldly trauma of 2020 and give you the perfect field that will guarantee you rise above the impending chaos of 2021.



Your Spiritual Expert

Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Alessandro Giannetti

Guided Light Healing's Founder and CEO has over 34+ years of experience in the healing world and has spent well over 10,000+ hours of his career combining science with spiritual, developing his remarkable, scientifically precise intuition skill set and mastering leading-edge teaching techniques. 


Alessandro has mastered more than 20 kinds of intuition and healing capabilities that have not only allowed him to do distance healings but distance healings that could be performed on thousands of people at once with 100% effectiveness. He became adept at Spiritual Surgery, Removing Dark Forces, Life Event/ Physical World Event Shifting, Energy Manipulation, Channeling, Past Life Healing and Clearing, Soul Karma, Soul Recovery Work, and much more. Among his techniques, his favorite became DNA, Mind, and Body Reprogramming. He has also created the world’s first 1000-frequency healings. Healings he uses to not only change people’s energetic bodies but also their physical bodies.

 Why this healing is a MUST moving into 2021

Are you absolutely certain that you are guaranteed safe with your current creator field?

  • Your creator field is largely comprised of your EMF and controls every aspect of your life.

    Think of your creator field as the director of every person and situation in your life. Each person who comes into your world is handed a script and is given a role to play in your interactions with them. Most are unaware that this absolute process is ever happening.

  • Since 1951, science has proven that all matter responds to and is shaped by our EMF.

    Even if new matter comes into our field, it will always respond according to the blueprint of our EMF. Ever wonder why a person could be incredibly critical of one but not another? This is why. A person has to play the role that's written in another's EMF. 

  • All the things that control the EMF blueprint are too much for most humans to get in control of.

    Our EMF blueprint is primarily set in place by our subconscious and background auto-workings. Our subconscious has been estimated by science to be 10,000 more capable than our conscious working brain. This means that it can work behind the scenes either destroying the things we most want in life or creating our every desire on command.

  • Our actions control 67% of our EMF Blueprint. Even the subconscious ones.

    Our actions dictate our EMF. The issue is, this is considering not only just our conscious actions, but also our subconscious actions. Most of us aren't aware of our actions 24/7 and don't realize that it's these seemingly minute actions that are causing the most damage to our fields.

  • Our thoughts are 98% influenced by the thoughts of those around us and they largely impact our EMF Blueprint.

    What this means is that if there is a growing fear for safety in the thoughts of those around you, you are now also having those same thoughts. The scary truth is that because this is such uncommon knowledge, we hear these thoughts and adopt them as our own.

  • Our emotions amplifies what is being created by our field.

    We have millions of negative memories from our lives that when we have a thought from another person, our brain will connect that thought to one of our memories making us believe that the thought is our own. This emotional connection is what determines the thought priority created in our field. More emotion means higher priority.

  • To set a perfect creator field is an impossible task on your own.

    There are too many factors happening without our knowing. Our memories are too rooted, our actions are too habitual, we are way too unaware of our thoughts, and we are far too influenced by our emotions. 

  • Only with advanced energy work can you change your field effortlessly and quickly.

    All things in this universe originate from light and energy. That means it can all be shifted and replaced by advanced energy work. Instead of going through the arduous process of trial and error trying to figure out what your field is creating and how to change it, energy work can make the desired changes happen instantly.

    About the Healing

    Here are some of the instant changes you can expect and incredible results you can look forward to.

    • Undo all anchors that could be in the way of you side-stepping all the upcoming devastation.


    • Clear out of your field any thoughts, emotions, and existing broadcasts that are aligning you with the chaos.


    • Release any of the world's trauma and heaviness from this past year that are making you a match to the experiences you don't want.


    • Disconnect all energetic ties to all the heavy events from you, your current field, and your full timeline so you can be safe in the new year.



    • Ensure your field keeps you protected from the financial loss, violence, and food shortages the rest of the world has become a match to.


    • Merge your higher self awareness with your human brain to create a clear, direct path to achieving you soul's goals.


    • Amplify your purpose and experience the utmost fulfillment by carrying out what you were built to do.


    • Step into the new year with unwavering confidence that you'll be safe no matter how uncertain and crazy the rest of the world gets. 


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