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Recalibrating the Bigger Picture

Webinar 3

On Monday, December 28th starting at 11:00 AM PST


Break away from the influence. 

Absence of light beings are everywhere in our world.


Whether a person is aware of it or not, absence of light beings negatively impact our lives on a daily basis and have been for centuries. 


Their manipulation of the Universal principles to achieve their selfish, ego-driven needs have resulted in the devastating circumstances that people are facing today and is causing the world to subconsciously create their own prison.


Just like a professional boxer would prepare for a fight by researching their opponent to get an edge on them, we need to do our research to know exactly what we are dealing with so we can best prepare.


During this webinar, explore the full spectrum of the influence absence of light beings have on our lives. Know where they are, how they got there, and what you can do to steer clear of their dark influence. 


With knowledge comes power and with this knowledge, step into 2021 with the ability to ensure for yourself financial and career success as well as keep your body safe. 

The Master of Dark Forces

With his 34+ years of experience in the healing world, GLH's Founder & CEO, Alessandro Giannetti, has devoted well over 10,000 hours studying the in's and out's of the Universe, combining spiritual concepts with science, and developing an intuitive skill set that is as accurate as a scientific instrument. 


Being a pioneer of bringing Dark Forces to public knowledge, Alessandro has done extensive research on the topic of Dark Forces both in terms of spiritual and energetic understanding as well as their historical influence in creating many of the significant disasters the world has experienced. 


Along with having personal experience with Dark Forces himself and having gained additional experience through helping his clients and students, Alessandro has acquired a true mastery and in-depth understandings of the of Dark Forces. 


No where else in the world will you find a resource with the same comprehensive knowledge, real life experience, and proven protection techniques as Alessandro. All of this, Alessandro shares with you during this webinar series. 

Access pure empowerment. 

Coming with 2021 is a new, obstacle ridden energy that no one in the world has yet to experience.


In previous years, simply ignoring what you didn't want to see and still be okay was possible. However, with this new wave of energy this isn't the case. 


Even for a person who is actively engaging with spiritual tools and pursuing a spiritual journey, the old tools are just not going to be enough. 


To successfully combat 2021, we are going to need a deeper understanding on what is to come, the energetic principles of how the world works, and learn next level tools.


During this webinar, set yourself up for success and get the full understanding and the most effective tools you need to navigate the chaos coming in 2021 with ease.


Not only that, leave with the full understanding of how to effectively integrate the tools into your life so that you can experience the optimal, most incredible results for your life.

Recalibrating the Bigger Picture Webinar 3

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  • Uncover the significant role absence of light beings have in the political world and what is actually going on with this year's election​

  • Reveal the alarming misinformation about vaccinations that could lead people to experiencing permanent damages to their bodies​

  • Know the exactly how absence of light being's existence in current events is negatively affecting your life​

  • Understand how absence of light beings are manipulating the principles of the Universe to create the chaos the world is experiencing today​

  • Learn how you can start to spot them in your every day life and how to start filtering through news information to extract the truth​

  • Leave this webinar series with the next level spiritual principles you need to move into 2021 empowered, protected, and in control​

  • Have the opportunity to ask Alessandro questions and receive intuitive advice live​

  • For those who attend the live webinar, receive an additional intuitively-focused life upgrade for this week that will boost your results and shift your week​

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