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Cutting the Past Webinar 3

On Monday, November 30th starting at 11:00 AM PST


The power of the creator field.

Everything that happened to you this past year, happened because of what was written in your creator field.


Imagine how different this year would have been for you had you known about your creator field and how to change it. What would you have done differently?


Don't just wish things could be different moving forward. Make it happen by engaging the power of your creator field. 


During this webinar, tie together everything we have covered so far in this series and get the final understandings and realizations that you need to get your creator field into action. 


It's only with the right field that you are able to guarantee the life you want. 


With a lot of our freedoms being restricted and the chaos stirring up again, you'll wanna make sure you have the right field that will keep you protected from it all.

Learn from a seasoned expert.

With his 34+ years of experience in the healing world, GLH's Founder & CEO, Alessandro Giannetti, has devoted well over 10,000 hours studying the in's and out's of the Universe, combining spiritual concepts with science, and developing an intuitive skill set that is as accurate as a scientific instrument. Along with his vast knowledge and experience, his leading edge teaching techniques, and extensive track record of providing the most impactful, personalized intuitive guidance to his clients and students, Alessandro has become one of the most reliable resources for guidance during heavy and seemingly impossible times like these. With a mission of global empowerment, during this series Alessandro will teach you how expand past the limitations of our world, take control of what happens to you, and actually enjoy every second of your life no matter how seemingly impossible your situation may be.

The magic of energy work.

As we are learning through this series our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions all play a role in what's written in our creator field. Our actions playing the biggest role in what's actually created.


However, we are also learning that the subconscious plays an even bigger role in this process.


The scary truth is that a lot of us have subconscious limiting beliefs that are driving our actions. 


These subconscious actions are the very actions keeping us from what we want and creating what we don't want.


Undoing this can take years of effort to accomplish. 


During this webinar, learn the secret to fast tracking your results: energy work. 


Learn the mechanics of how energy work works and how it can save you time by making changes to your field instantly.

Cutting the Past Webinar 3

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  • Understand the science of how energy work can change your creator field and how your past and the influence of others is hurting yours​

  • Learn the truth of what it actually takes to effectively change your field and how energy work will take 15 years of effort off the table and bring instant changes to your field​

  • Empower yourself with the ability to take full control of your life and leave looking ahead to a brighter, more abundant future​

  • Have the opportunity to ask Alessandro questions and receive intuitive advice live​

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