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The Keys to Achieving Your Dreams Webinar 3

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Creating Your Dream Team

I'm sure we have all felt the pressure of needing to do everything on our own. The push for independency. 


But if you look at the greats of the world or even Olympic athletes, they all have teams or coaches who help them on their path. 


Along any journey to success, there will also be moments of heavy emotions and feelings of doubt. Moments where you will be confused, feel lost, or want to give up.


This is what a team is for. 


To help you see the things you can't see from your perspective. To give you the loving encouragement to keep going when you don't think you can go any further.


Learn how to pick the perfect team for your goals and how to masterfully use them to make the biggest strides forward towards achieving your dreams.

Learn from the Best

Alessandro has a true passion for "hacking the system" and figuring out how to make the impossible possible. With his 34+ years of experience in the healing world, he has devoted well over 10,000 hours not only studying the in's and out's of the Universe but also combining spiritual concepts with science.


In combination with his scientifically precise intuition, remarkable understanding of neuroscience and human behavior, and his use of leading edge teaching techniques, he has developed an incredible track record of creating profound results in people's lives in record amounts of time.


During this webinar, have the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the healing world and experience the life-changing results he has become known for.

Shifting Your Perspective

When we are kids, we do this beautiful thing that we start to lose as we get older: asking the question, "Why?"


As kids we meet the world with a sense of limitless wonderment and natural curiosity for growth and understanding.


As kids we shamelessly ask for help and ask to know more. As a result, kids learn much faster and retain it much easier.


As we get older we stop asking this question. We start to accepting the limitations that the world teaches us or refrain from asking in fear of being judged for not knowing.


Reconnect to your childlike love for discovery. Allow yourself to expand your perspective and ask for the clarity you need. Ask the "why" your child self would ask. Imagine how much and how fast you could grow!

The Keys to Achieving Your Dreams Webinar 3

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  • Receive an intuitive check on how clear and aligned your wishes are and receive guidance on how you can make them clearer if needed​

  • Get the success secrets of the greats and how you can apply these same principles to achieve your own success​​

  • Fully understand how having a team makes the journey to success easier and faster and how to pick the perfect individuals for your dream team​

  • Leave with the perfect mindset and clear next steps to making your dreams a reality​

  • For the last 20 minutes, ask Alessandro any questions you may have or any questions about our upcoming Breaking Barriers Program​

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